Shoulder Joint Pain

Who Else Wants Pain Relief From Shoulder Joint Pain?

First Find Out The Cause of Your Shoulder Pain!

Arthritis shoulder pain treatment depends on what is causing your shoulder pain. Not all shoulder pain is caused by arthritis. Something as simple as sleeping on one side for too long can cause shoulder pain.

Bad posture, either sitting or walking, lifting incorrectly or even some forms of exercise can also be causes. Incorrectly fitted shoes or even the wrong type of shoes can affect your posture.

Now all of these are fairly easily treated by identifying whether this is your problem and taking corrective action. It may need a visit to a health care professional, who specialises in these areas, for advice.

Other causes of what appears to be arthritis shoulder pain and treatment, for which, will need to be by a medical practitioner, could include old injury or:

    Bursitis or tendonitis of the rotor cuff
    Rotor Cuff Tear where the rotor cuff tendons separate from the bone
    Frozen Shoulder

A NOTE OF CAUTION: Some pain in the shoulders, neck, arm or chest may be indicative of heart problems. Please ensure you get appropriate medical advice for any pain.

If you have been diagnosed and need arthritis shoulder pain treatment then you will find many tips and techniques here that may help your condition.

In particular you should look at:

Arthritis Exercise

Arthritis Pain Diets

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