Arthritis Without Pain

Arthritis Without Pain May Be Possible

Tips and Techniques to Help You Get Arthritis Pain Relief

Is it possible to have arthritis without pain?

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which affects cartilage resulting in the bones of a joint rubbing on each other, which is the cause of your pain.

There is no known cure for arthritis at present so if you have to live with it, then you need to find some way to live with arthritis without pain.

Some people get pain relief from alternative means, some of which are described here.

Weight Reduction

Being overweight puts extra pressure on weight bearing joints, particularly hips and knees. Following a sensible, balanced diet to reduce weight may help to lower your pain. In conjunction with your diet you should also consider foods that affect your arthritis. There are some foods to include in your diet and other foods to avoid which may help you in having arthritis without pain.


Most low impact, low stress type exercises are suitable. Swimming and walking are relatively easy and can be done at your own pace.

Because of the buoyancy of water, swimming can take pressure off joints and if you can find a heated pool, the warm water may also be beneficial.


Massage helps to stimulate blood flow and provide warmth to affected areas. It also helps you relax, releasing muscle tension which can aggravate arthritis pain.


Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years to treat many ailments. If you think this may be appropriate for you then check with your local medical authority to ensure that you only go to an acupuncturist that meets their requirements.

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis has been used by people for a variety of reasons and can be a very powerful tool. It is a technique that can be taught to you personally or learnt from books or audiotapes.

Self hypnosis essentially uses mind power techniques to diminish your body’s recognition of pain.


When you are in constant pain, stress increases which can result in tight muscles, fast breathing and increased blood pressure. We feel out of control and tolerance to pain may be reduced.

Learning to relax is important, not only for pain reduction but also for our general wellbeing and health.

There are many techniques, including Deep Breathing, Meditation and Self Hypnosis that can be used. Browse your bookstore to see what is available.

Which of These Techniques is Best

The best technique is what works for you! Certain things might work for you and not for somebody else. If you want arthritis without pain you need to explore the possibilities and see what appeals and then try it. If it works and you get relief, you have arthritis without pain, that’s great!

If it doesn’t work then consider something else, but before changing make sure you give your first choice a fair trial. There is no reason you can’t try more than one of these suggestions at a time. You may find that a combination works best for you.

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