Hydrogen Peroxide Arthritis Pain

Hydrogen Peroxide Arthritis Pain Treatment.

What Is It?

Hydrogen Peroxide Arthritis Pain therapy is thought by some people to be the answer to their constant nagging pain.

What is hydrogen peroxide arthritis pain treatment?

We will attempt to give you a brief, relatively non technical description of what is involved. Hydrogen peroxide therapy comes under the description of Bio-oxidative medicine which involves the adding of lone oxygen atoms (singlet oxygen) to the tissues of the body.

“The effect of singlet oxygen in the human body is twofold. It kills, or severely inhibits the growth of, anaerobic organisms (bacteria and viruses that use carbon dioxide for fuel and leave oxygen as a by-product). This action is immediate, on contact with the anaerobic organism. Anaerobic bacteria are pathogens, the organisms which cause disease. All viruses are anaerobic.

Aerobic bacteria (those that burn oxygen for fuel and leave carbon dioxide as a by-product – as humans do) found in the human intestine are friendly bacteria, which aid in digestion. These organisms thrive in the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

The second effect of hydrogen peroxide is that it provides singlet oxygen, which, in turn, transforms biological waste products and industrial toxins into inert substances by oxidizing them. This makes them easy to handle for the kidneys and liver. It doubles the rate of enzymatic metabolism in the mitochondria within each cell, thus enabling the body to cleanse itself of toxins and still have plenty of energy to handle the business of living from moment to moment. This increase in metabolism probably accounts for some of the antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects of hydrogen peroxide.” (1)

Effectively, this therapy is not just hydrogen peroxide arthritis pain therapy but a general therapy which supplements the body’s natural metabolic processes.

Should you treat arthritis with hydrogen peroxide pain therapy?

Proponents of hydrogen peroxide arthritis pain therapy argue that when the body is affected by disease its natural mechanisms are unable to cope and hydrogen peroxide therapy helps boost the body’s hydrogen peroxide defense system.

Arguments against it are that it can be harmful and if taken internally in excessive amounts, or undiluted can be toxic.

“In 1988, the US Postal Service issued Donsback a cease and desist order to stop him from claiming that the hydrogen peroxide used orally or intravenously is effective against cancer or arthritis, or that it is fit for human consumption (US Congress).” (2)

It is argued that ” ‘Promoters of hydrogen peroxide tend to downplay its potential for harm … In fact, however, during the past three years, six children have been seriously poisoned and one died as a result of accidentally drinking the concentrated solution stored in their refrigerator. The product in the fatal case had been obtained by mail order as an alternative medicine. A near-fatal case of ingestion by an adult also has been reported. (CA)

The present study clearly demonstrates that H2O2 acts as a carcinogen. Reactive oxygen intermediates have been reported to induce single-strand breaks in cellular DNA, oxidation of DNA bases, chromosomal aberrations, and DNA-protein cross-links. (Okamoto)’ ” (2)

Where to from here?

We have given you a brief overview of arguments for and against hydrogen peroxide arthritis pain treatment. If you wish to peruse this option then we recommend you read the articles referred to below. Under no circumstances should you attempt hydrogen peroxide arthritis pain treatment yourself. If you wish to pursue this course of action please consult a qualified health professional.

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