Glucosamine Information

Glucosamine Information.

What Glucosamine Can Do For You

Is Glucosamine Effective?

Glucosamine is technically a form of an amino sugar that plays a major role in cartilage formation and repair.

Glucosamine and why liquid Glucosamine formula Syn-flex® is one of the most powerful joint care products on the market today…

Glucosamine is an amino sugar produced from the shells of chitin (shellfish)
and is a key component of the extra cellular matrix of cartilage. Glucosamine
works to stimulate joint function and repair. Glucosamine has been clinically
proven to slow the progression of osteoarthritis in humans with arthritis and
hip dysplasia in pets. It has been proven effective in easing osteoarthritis
pain, aid in rehabilitating cartilage, renewing synovial fluid, and repairing
joints that have been damaged from osteoarthritis.

Our bodies produce Glucosamine naturally. However, as we grow older we lose
the ability to produce sufficient quantities. Having enough Glucosamine is essential
to producing the nutrients we need to produce synovial fluid. It is this fluid
which lubricates our cartilage and maintains healthy joints.

When you have a Glucosamine deficiency, cartilage hardens and bone spurs develop
which leads to deformities in the joints. Your mobility becomes limited and
in short, this is how osteoarthritis develops.

This was big news to nutraceutical companies and it was the beginning of an
all-new segment of the industry. Today, nearly all of the major companies offer
their version of Glucosamine through a wide range of outlets, from retail stores
to medical clinics.

However, in their rush to gain market share, companies put products on
the market with little regard to the overall quality of their offering. Most
are deficient because the Glucosamine ranges from low to medium quality at best.
As well, most are in pill or capsule form which means that they are not absorbed
well into your system.

The Science Backing Liquid Glucosamine formula Syn-flex®

The first tests on liquid Glucosamine were completed in 1998. The testing made
clear that the absorption rate and bio-availability of Glucosamine in pill form
was significantly less than in liquid form. The misconception that pills are
the only and best way to obtain Glucosamine is simply not true. Pills and capsules
contain Glucosamine that is in powder form. It is a well known fact that liquid
is absorbed much better than powder, at a rate of 80-85% absorption. In short,
Glucosamine in liquid form is absorbed faster and it provides greater impact.

The reports on the use of capsule or pill forms of Glucosamine vary greatly.
Most users report that if they received any relief at all, it came after six
to ten weeks of use. On the other hand, those using liquid Glucosamine reported
feeling pain relief in as little as one to two weeks.

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