Barometric Pressure Pain

Do You Suffer Barometric Pressure Pain?

What Can You Do To Get Relief?

Many people report that they suffer arthritis barometric pressure pain. It was noted by Hippocrates in 400 BC that there was a perceived link between illness and the weather.

To date there do not appear to be any conclusive studies linking arthritis pain with the weather but arthritis sufferers will often tell you differently.

Arthritis barometric pressure pain may possibly be linked to low barometric pressure, usually associated with cold, overcast wet conditions.

When the weather is miserable then it tends to dampen our spirits. The result, often is a perceived increase in our arthritis pain. There is also a possibility that a lowering of barometric pressure results in an imbalance in our bodies. This could result in expansion of fluid around joints creating more internal pressure and subsequent increase in arthritis pain.

Should You Move

Arthritis appears in populations throughout the world and at this stage there is no scientific evidence that one climate is any better that another. You may also find that a major change, moving away from loved ones and friends may have a depressing effect on you and you will be more conscious of your arthritis pain.

How do you treat arthritis barometric pain?

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find any known treatment for arthritis barometric pressure pain. Some helpful suggestions to ease your pain might be:

    Warmth – such as a hot bath or heat packs.

    Self Hypnosis – Some People have successfully used self hypnosis to control pain.

    Positive Attitude – There are many excellent books on this subject.

Obviously if you are working some of these suggestions may not be practical, but if needs be you could get up half an hour earlier and soak in a hot bath and again at night. You can meditate or read during your lunch break and maintain a positive attitude during the day.

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